Over the last few years I’ve been reading Canada Moto Guide, I fun, informative and Canadian online motorcycle magazine. I met Zac Kurylyk, one of CMG’s moto-journalists and assistant editor in 2012, and sparked up a friendship. In true serendipitous moto-fashion, he did a story on Molly Nelson for Adventure Motorcycle, and used my photos for the story. He then introduced me to Rob Harris, the editor in chief. I’ve done a few gear reviews and written story or two for CMG and became friends with Rob and his wife Courtney. The 2015 Fundy Adventure Rally brought us close when my sister, Joanna Perry, and I shared a cabin with the dynamic duo, while helping out with the Rally. What a whirlwind of activity and fun that Rally was. The organisation and passion that goes into it is phenomenal! If you ever get a chance to participate, it is a Rally you will never forget!

While in the midst of planning this years Rally, I was working with Rob and Courtney on a promotional video, and rode my ’83 Honda CM450 to their place in Sackville, NB to go over the requirements in person. Rob was at a Rally in Ontario at the time, and Courtney was running the show at home. I slept on their couch that night and after a few messages with Rob, we decided to wait until he was back to discuss some ideas he had that could not be discussed easily over messages.

Rob never made it back from Ontario. He was in a tragic accident and died after colliding with a vehicle.

It makes me so very proud to say that  Courtney has rallied in this most difficult time, and kept CMG alive! Mark Richardson has taken on the role of CMG Editor, and the magazine is bravely motoring on, and shining even brighter than before.

It is with great pleasure that I continue that relationship with CMG, and hopefully provide some insight and entertainment to its pages. I am humbled by Courtney’s bravery in taking on this great challenge, to continue as Publisher of CMG, while raising their two young daughter’s Kate and Chloe. A trust fund has been set up if anyone is so inclined.

Heading down the Great Divide