About Our Team

Divide by Three

Molly Nelson

Farmer, Personal Guide, Cornish Maine, USA
“What could be better than having no agenda, just tooling along on the bike at 25 miles an hour for six weeks?”

TW 200


Michelle Lamphere

Hotel Manager, Author, Rapid CIty South Dakota, USA
“They” say that your friends are the family you choose for yourself. And if that’s true, then I must have wanted a family of nutters and sentimental fools in my life. Come to think of it, that’s exactly what I wanted. And lucky me, I’ve found a few.”

XT 250


Tammy Perry

eLearning Developer, Nomad
“I like to point myself in the right direction and try my best to keep the bike upright!”

KL 250

Miles: 1492
Range: 2,4 gallons
Year: 2010
Customizations: None yet

How did we meet?

Maine, South Dakota, and Newfoundland and Labrador….

Newfoundland and Labrador brought us all together, although we have never all been in the same place at the same time! Michelle was riding her KLR from her home in South Dakota on a tour of the Americas, via Newfoundland and the Trans-Labrador highway. Molly was fulfilling a desire to re-visit the island she experienced in her youth, and rode her TW from her home in Maine, up through maritime Canada, across the ferry to Newfoundland and home via the Trans-Labrador highway.

Both ladies, at different places in time, experienced some drama in Newfoundland, tiny blips, really, in the bigger timelines of their adventures and through Newfoundland’s Riding community, I got to meet two human beings whose spirit of adventure, resilience and positivity gave me the confidence to pursue my own adventures.

Molly’s Blip in Newfoundland 2012: See a video of why Molly learned  “a good lesson to chill and accept things for what they are.” Molly’s crazy story on CBC Canada.

Michelle’s Blip in Newfoundland 2013: Read Michelle’s ADVRIDER report, her full story is in this great Adventure Rider Radio show. You can buy her book “Tips for Traveling Overland in Latin America: Things I Wish I had Known Before I Rode My Motorcycle To Mexico, Central and South America” on Amazon.com or Amazon.ca

I had the pleasure of introducing Michelle to Molly, and they spent some time together in Maine, on Molly’s farm, while Michelle was en route to South America.

The Great Divide ride has been in the works for a few years now, birthed by Molly, in 2014, almost a go in 2015 and a resounding yes for 2016!  I am so looking forward to experiencing this adventure with these women!!

I had the pleasure of visiting Molly at her farm, while on an East Coast motorcycle adventure, and Michelle in Jaibalito, Guatemala, while she was passing through!


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