We provide quality products with affordable pricing

We are a group of seller based on Johore, aiming to provide quality product with affordable pricing, deliver to your doorstep. 

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Our Story

We are a group of seller based on Johore, Malaysia aims to provide quality products with affordable price. 

With the benefits of currency different, you can get the quality products with affordable price. All the products here selling with same price at our Malaysia store, just divide by three into Singapore Dollar. 

In order to provide after sales services, we began this business after resumption of cross-border service.  

To minimise the operation cost, we do not set up a physical store in Singapore. We will deliver directly from our Johore store to your doorstep. We will arrange group delivery of multiple buyers to get competitive delivery charges. All the saving is reflected in our selling price.

Quality products with affordable price

Every extra penny deserves it’s value, so don’t compare our products with those low quality mass production products. Our products are high quality but selling in lower price due to saving on the rental and operational cost of physical store. Low cost low quality products will increase our after sales activity which will increase operational costs. 




Quality products does not come with low price, but affordable price.
Emily Evergreen
Founder, Owner
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