It’s 2 days before my flight and my bags are packed and sitting by the door. The dog, my house-sitting companion, is behind me on the couch and the homeowner, my dear friend Derrick Berghuis, is out running errands.

“So, what’s the plan?”

I hear this a lot—and usually, I don’t have much of an answer. This time, however, since I am flying, I have to have a plan. Airlines insist on it. I had considered riding my ’83 Honda CM450 to Montreal to meet up with Molly, but being in Newfoundland, this would take a big cut out of my budget. The Ferry is expensive. Flight points however, are free, so fly it is.

I is flying from St. John’s to Montreal to meet up with Molly, who is riding her TW200 from Cornish, Maine. They then, along with the TW200, fly to Vancouver. Molly is planning on getting the ferry to Prince Rupert, and meeting me in Banff. I am flying from Vancouver to Calgary, bus to Canmore, then picking up and registering my Super Sherpa there.

From Canmore, I’m riding around the Kootenays to Nakusp for the Horizons Unlimited Meet, where I’m doing an information session on “Getting Value from your GPS”.  We then meet up in Banff, or Canmore or somewhere around there, and head South together on the trails. Michelle is a working girl again, so she won’t be able to do the whole trip—instead will meet up with us along the way, and ride as far as her vacation will take her!


All “plans” are approximate and could change at any time! (This map was updated Aug 9 to show Michelle meeting us in Polaris, Montana)